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Welcome to MARC Business School, where we hone the minds of young people in the field of management with our unique ‘Finishing school concept’ preparing them for a challenging and fulfilling career in industry and business, in India and Abroad. MARC is one of the best colleges in Bangalore. This college has given me plenty of opportunities to realize my dreams of becoming successful in life. It will teach you things you didn’t know before and give you skills that will be very useful in the business world. If you want to do an MBA in the future just go ahead and join this college without any doubts in your mind. Yes, MARC has transformed us from having limited mindsets to having broad horizons. I can say with confidence, after the MARC Experience: The World Is My Playground

Vision: “We envision to attain the pinnacle of excellence in management education , research and entrepreneurship . To become the largest convergence on earth where knowledge meets right minds for progressive learning.”

Mission: “We seek to strive and transcend a student from a graduate to professional.”

Chairperson’s Keynote

MARC School of Business (MSB) is a new age Business School where each student is treated in par with executives in the corporate world. The students here are empowered in a manner to reach the pinnacle of knowledge and skills required for being an efficient and effective Management Executive. A Management executive has to develop holistically and there is no area of improvement or development left out for the student so as to influence his career for more than 20 years to come.

The college management leads by example as true leaders who depict humility and high levels of ethical behavior in all transactions of life. We are constantly improving the process and the delivery. The students are provided with all that they need and seek as these two years of MBA education is precious and contributes towards transformation of oneself.

Along with good education we also realize the great importance of placements with regards to MBA Education. We are striving not just for 100% placements but instead to improve the quality of placements by making the students not just employable but highly skilled professionals who can deliver the best.

-Satyadarshini Sharma

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