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mUni Campus provides education marketplace along with an end to end digital infra for managing entire operations and delivery efficiently for any academic setup resulting in lowering cost, improving revenue, enhancing learning outcome, and enhancing the experience of various stack holders: students, teachers, administrators, and recruiters.

mUni Campus's mission is to eradicate the birth penalty by making quality education accessible to everyone by providing end to end unified educational digital infra for improving efficiency and managing any academic setup or a learning organization.

mUni has a digital stack of solutions & services around six pillars of education namely: Design & Launch; Admit; Teach; Administration; Skilling and Job placement. the mUni cloud platform has end to end suite of services to manage the various process right from designing a course based on AI; course launch on Marketplace; lead tracking, rating, online application, end to end admissions process; program delivery with integrated Learning Management System and live video lecture delivery; administration ERP; skilling to placement process management.

Now academic administrator or L&D head needs not to deal with several IT solutions providers for various disjointed digital infra or solution pieces like LMS, ERP, Attendance System, MOOC, Smart class, placement system, learning app, education marketplace, grading, analytics, lead management, online application, online examination system, etc. You get all the possible solutions at one single cloud platform with robust processes bundled inside.