1. This Refund Policy describes the refund policy of products or services purchased by you from Education providers using the services of mUni education ecommerce platform ( ) owned and controlled by us, (collectively referred to herein as the "mUni platform").

2. You agree, understand and acknowledge that mUni is an online education ecommerce service provider and owner of proprietary ecommerce platform by name of ("mUni's Platform"), providing an end to end online education delivery platform and marketplace to various "Educational providers" enlisted on mUni's platform who can sell or share their educational programs – on campus or online , to their "Users" who can view and purchase such educational programs online via the internet at mUni's's Platform. or on campus at premises decided by Education providers. The Services include, without limitation, acesss to course material, and supporting materials provided by the Educational Providers in relation to the Educational Program, provide facilitating and content hosting services, marketing support to the Education Providers upon at their request and costs and enrolment and registration of the Users for the Educational Programs of Education Providers as listed on mUni's platform.

mUni is only an education marketplace for the Education Providers and the learners/Users It is hereby expressly clarified that Education Providers are not hired or employed by mUni and such Education Providers are Third Party and that we are not in any manner responsible or liable for any communications or interactions involved between the Education Providers and the learners/Users who purchase an Educational Programs from the Educational Providers through the Services. The Users understand, agree and acknowledge that under no event We shall be liable for claims, losses, damage or injuries, of any kind of whatsoever nature that might arise out of or relate to conduct of Education Providers or learners/ Users, including, but not limited to, any learners/User's dependence upon any information provided by an Education Providers, or contents of Educational Programs or courses, course material or any other issues dealing with the certificates of genuineness, validity, truthfulness, reliability, or accuracy of such Educational Programs or its course contents and the You shall hold mUni harmless and keep mUni fully indemnified at all times in this regards.

3. In the event of any Educational Program(s) where the Users have purchased the products or services from Education provider using services of mUni's Platform , gets cancelled or postponed due to Force Majeure events and not caused due to any default or breach on the part of the Education Provider or mUni, then mUni and Education provider shall within five (5) working days refund the entire fees to such Buyer(s) whenever the planned Educational Program(s) are announced as cancelled or postponed by the Education provider.

4. The Education Provider shall be solely responsible to refund of fees in case the Education provider defaults or delays in providing Educational Program(s) to the Users. In such case, the Education provider shall be solely responsible to refund to the Users refund of fees paid by such Users to the Education provider and/or mUni as the case may be for such Educational Program(s) including without limitation for any other charges, claims, expenses of whatsoever nature of the Users or any third parties shall be borne and paid solely by the Education provider and mUni shall not be liable for the same. The Refund in such cases will be processed within 30 working days of such claim for any default or delay by the user directly to the Education provider and the Education provider is solely responsible for processing such refund and thehe User agrees to fully indemnify mUni in this regard.