Masters of Science in Big Data Analytics and AI

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Master's Degree
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Our Master of Science in Computing in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence is a one year, full-time or two year, part-time programme. It focuses on the processes involved in examining and interpreting large amounts of data of a variety of types to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information and then enabling computer systems to make independent decisions.
From banking and financial services to retail and healthcare the opportunities in big data analytics and artificial intelligence are expanding all the time, and this course provides you with excellent qualifications to make the most of the ever increasing opportunities.
After all, your skills can provide competitive advantage for businesses including more effective marketing and increased revenue which is why more and more companies have moved into the field, harnessing talents such as yours to exploit the huge volumes of data now available and the ability of computers to utalise hat data to make informed decisions.

The opportunities for successful graduates exist in companies in the areas of healthcare, banking, financial services, energy services, manufacturing, retail, transport and communications. Roles typically include becoming data analysts, researchers, information managers, project managers, solutions specialists and systems architects.