Application fee : 1000 INR


Location: Online
Type: Degree course
Director: Prof. Durjoy Neogi
Language: English
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Course Details

Course Overview:

This course introduces the concept of Managed Services (MS) in telecom domain. Commencing the journey from non MS era, it takes the students and attendees through an interesting transformation path where MS sets in and becomes a part & parcel of the Telecom Industry today. It discusses the drivers of MS in the industry, the initial concerns of the Service Providers, and the critical strategy for choosing right MS Partner, MS Project Implementation & Governance during the life cycle of MS. It also describes MS CONTRACT and its importance for the health of MS.

The course would take you through:

- The Concept of Managed Services.
- Traditional approach to Network Operations.
- Challenges faced by incumbent Service Providers.
- Drivers of Managed Services.
- Concerns on Outsourcing .
- How to choose the right MS partner.
- Importance of MS Project Management.
- Importance of MS Program Management in the life cycle of MS.
- Types of MS.
- Managed Services Contract with SLAs and KPIs.
- IT domain Managed Services.
- A set of relevant MS case studies by students with faculty guidance........ And many more.


Impart awareness of various aspects of MS in Telecom domain.

Skills & Competence to be acquired:

- Complete end to end understanding of MS concepts.
- Exhaustive knowledge on critical aspects of MS implementations and 
   governance process for MS.

- Develop competence to manage MS Deal from either Service Providers OR 
   from MS vendor’s side.

Who Should Attend:

Telecom Engineers 

- MS Professionals 

- Telecom Managers

- Consultants and Students