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Application fee: 1000 INR
Course fee: 25000 INR
GST: 18 %

Solution Advisory Course in Cloud Computing

Application fee : 1000 INR


Certification Body: Aegis School of Data Science
Location: On-campus (India, Mumbai)
Type: Certificate course
Director: Madhumita Raha
Coordinator: Ritin Joshi
Language: English
Course fee: 25000 INR
GST: 18%
Total course fee: 29500 INR
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Course Details

Solution Advisory Course in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing changes the way we think about technology. Cloud is a computing model providing web-based software, middleware and computing resources on demand. By deploying technology as a service, users can be given access only to the resources they need for a particular task. This prevents from paying for idle computing resources. Cloud computing can also go beyond cost savings by allowing users to access the latest software and infrastructure offerings to foster business innovation. Cloud computing helps enterprises transform business and technology.

IBM has come up with great and easy ways to understand cloud computing and make it functional as well. Cloud computing can also go beyond cost savings by allowing users to access the latest software and infrastructure offerings to foster business innovation. Think about what that simple statement means. Yes, saving money is good – even important – but even more important is how the end user uses software and infrastructure. Do you know what that really means?

From the infrastructure side of things, you should be able to offer something that has enough servers, storage and other essential components to get the task at hand done. In this case, the task is setting up a cloud computing structure. Cloud computing is based on several basic ideas. Infrastructure as a service, IaaS, is the basic cloud. Cloud computing starts (or ends) here. IaaS is all about on-demand services for virtual machines, firewalls and networks. PaaS, or platform as a service, is a little deeper, however. This is for solutions; you develop a program on the cloud for you and your employees to use. The service is that someone else is hosting your software for you. SaaS, or software as a service, is where the software that you are using is hosted and run on a virtual machine – there will never be a need for an updated computer after that point.

About the course
This course is designed to teach participants the solution advisory concepts and terminology of cloud computing in both IaaS & PaaS. This course describes the various service delivery models of a cloud computing architecture, and the ways in which clouds can be deployed as public, private, hybrid, and community clouds. Participants also learn about the security challenges that cloud deployments experience, and how these are addressed. The course also describes IBM cloud computing architecture and offerings using IBM BlueMix Platform.

Course Contents
This course covers the following topics:

Overview of Cloud Computing Architecture

  • Define cloud computing
  • DEMO: Identifying key characteristics of Cloud: On Demand Service ,
  • Broad Network Access, Resource Pooling
  • Consumption View : Private , Public and Hybrid Cloud Architecture
  • DEMO: Cloud Characteristics: Rapid Elasticity , Measure Services
  • Provider View : SaaS , IaaS , PaaS
  • Understanding Cloud Infrastructure Technologies – System , Storage ,
  • Security , Networking , Virtualization Techniques

Cloud Computing : Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS Model)

  • Understanding Services Management
  • IaaS Overview
  • IBM Softlayer : Architecture & Characteristics
  • Working with IBM Softlayer
  • Understanding Softlayer Compute : Bare Metal & Virtual Machine
  • Understanding Softlayer Storage
  • Understanding Softlayer Networking
  • Understanding the Commercial Implication of Cloud Technologies :
  • Integration , Reporting , Billing , Metering
  • Software Defined Network – Cloud Perspective

Cloud Computing : Platform as a Service (PaaS Model)

  • PaaS Overview
  • Application Development Paradigm
  • IBM BlueMix : Overview , API Economy
  • IBM and 3rd Party Services on BlueMix : Overview
  • Creation of User Account on BlueMix and Accessing BlueMix
  • Hands on Development of Sample Apps on BlueMix
  • Best Practices of Apps Development on BlueMix
  • Hands on Deployment of Sample Apps on BlueMix
  • Understanding BlueMix Services : IoT , Mobility , Security etc
  • Client Case Study

For Admissions:

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