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Application fee: 13.63 USD
Course fee: 204.51 USD
GST: 18 %

Fundamentals of Financial Statement Analysis

Application fee : 13.63 USD


Certification Body: Aegis School of Data Science
Location: On-campus (India, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore)
Type: Certificate course
Director: Dr. Costin Ciora
Coordinator: Ritin Joshi
Language: English
Duration: 4 Weeks
Course fee: 204.51 USD
GST: 18%
Total course fee: 241.32 USD
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Course Details

Course Overview:

Financial statement analysis is a method used to examine the activity of a company from the economic point of view. By performing a financial statement analysis, multiple information about the company’s performance, efficiency and growth can be calculated. Financial statement analysis is based on the financial statement (mainly on the annual information).

This Executive Development Program builds your foundation on Financial Statement & Analysis which is very critical for your day to day business understanding.

Course objective:

The objective of this course is to explain the fundamentals of Financial Statement Analysis through examples, cases studies and spreadsheets.

Who Should Attend!

This course is useful for those who are in marketing, sales and technology functional and want to get some basic understanding about finance.