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Start date: Apr 4, 2014

Customer Care Executive (CCE)

Start date : Apr 4, 2014


Location: Online
Type: Certificate course
Enrollment method: Application
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Course Details

Certificated Customer Care Executive Course is based on NOS (National Occupation Standard)

Customer Care Executive in the Telecom industry is also known as Customer Service Representative/ Customer Service Associate / Customer Service Advisor / Customer Relationship Officers / Call Centre Executive

Brief Job Description

Individuals at this job provide customer service support to an organization by interacting with their customers over the phone. They also handle, follow and resolve customer’s queries, requests and complaints in a timely manner.

Training Modules

  • Short Module based on Assessment Assessment Critera- CCE(Call Center) for Qualification Pack for TEL/Q0100 Customer Care Executive already working in industry.
  • Detail training modules based on Qualification Pack_Customer Care CCE(Call Center) TEL/Q0100

Training Topics

1.TEL/N0100 (Attend/Make customer calls)
2.TEL/N0101 (Resolving customer query, request, complaint)
3.TEL/N0102 (Develop customer relationship)
4.TEL/N0103 (Report and review)
5.TEL/N0104 (Proactive selling)