Artificial Intelligence Analyst by IBM

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Location: Online Live interactive
Type: Certificate course
Language: English
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Course Details

The Artificial Intelligence career path prepares students to apply AI in real-life. This will require skills in machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), chatbots, and computer vision. Training topics will include AI, IBM Watson, hands-on and case studies on machine learning, NLP, chatbots, and computer vision.

Learning Modules

Module I - Artificial Intelligence Overview

- AI overview, trends, advancements
- Types of AI, and its applications
- AI research focus
- Business analytics

Module II - Prerequisites

- IBM Watson and how it works
- Watson technology case studies
- From DeepQA to Watson services
- Watson services available on IBM Cloud

Module III - Artificial Intelligence Analyst

- Machine learning
- IBM Watson services, IBM Watson Studio,
- Watson Machine Learning, IBM Watson Knowledge Studio
- Deep learning and Neural Network Modeler
- NLP concepts, applications, and case studies
- NLP Watson services
- Introduction to chatbots and chatbots components
- How to build a chatbot with Watson Assistant
- Computer vision components and pipeline
- How to classify images with Watson Visual Recognition
- Building intelligent solutions by integrating Watson services

Associated Job Roles :-
- Cloud Application Developer
- Data Scientist