Neoma Business School

Our Foundation

NEOMA Foundation was set up under the Aegis of the Fondation de France to support the School’s development by uniting its communities around shared values and projects and so to help build the “School of tomorrow”:

  • A School that trains and supports future managers and entrepreneurs, which is resolutely open to diversity and equal opportunities, DISCOVERING AND TRAINING NEW TALENT.
  • A School that seeks to create, share and publish rigorous, relevant research to help stakeholders PREPARE FOR FUTURE CHALLENGES.

The Foundation supports flagship initiatives in these key development areas, such as academic scholarships, equal opportunities programmes, NEOMA BS Incubator, and research projects.

You can support NEOMA Foundation as an individual or on behalf of your company.

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Be passionate. Shape the future

At NEOMA, we are passionate about today’s societal transformations and the challenges related to the technological revolution, the place given to people, social utility and ecology. As an actor in higher education, we are convinced that education must open up new pathways that shape the future. A better future for economic, social and environmental development in France and all over the world. The School pursues this ambition through its teaching and research activities and guides its students to play an active role in the transformation of companies. This is how we train the architects of tomorrow’s world, people who yearn for meaning and who aspire to building the society of the future. The new brand tagline epitomises this project to the full.

The result of a comprehensive reflection involving all NEOMA stakeholders (students, graduates, professors and staff members), the new brand platform evokes the objectives undertaken by the School and its members and how they can be achieved with passion and commitment. It is a forceful and distinctive tagline that brings the entire School community together with a view to inspiring and training those who will build tomorrow’s world.



Openness, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Respect & Excellence

In a constantly changing environment, NEOMA Business School is guided in its daily activities by four key values: Openness, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Respect and Excellence. These are the core values the school aims to share with its students, graduates and more generally, the communities that flourish within its environment.

  • Openness is more than ever regarded as an essential value. In an ever-changing world, curiosity, adaptability, open-mindedness and a desire for innovation are an essential means to finding solutions.
  • The notion of Entrepreneurial Spirit is equally crucial. It relates to the ability to take initiatives, develop innovative projects and mobilise the relevant human or material resources.
  • Respect for others, synonymous with tolerance without compromising critical thinking, which implies a sense of moral responsibility and a passion for dialogue. In this sense, respect is not considered as a passive attitude, but as a commitment. Associated with openness and entrepreneurship, showing respect implies a willingness to interact with others and behave socially and responsibly.
  • Excellence is the guiding principle of performance. That is why NEOMA Business School is constantly working to improve all areas of its activity.



The strong ambition to be a leading challenge

Having entered a post-merger phase, NEOMA Business School has built its new strategic plan around a clear ambition: to develop and challenge the established practices in the sector.

NEOMA Business School is made up of more than 67,000 women and men, students, professors, staff and alumni, who focus their energy on the shared ambition:

to be an innovative challenger to the major international business schools.

By adopting a more flexible approach, characterised by the ‘test and learn’ method and driven by the desire to push back boundaries, NEOMA Business School has opted to move out of its comfort zon,. The School not only seeks to follow innovations, but also to create them. To meet this ambition to be a challenger, NEOMA Business School is focusing on 3 main area

3 strategic priorities

  • Focusing on educational innovative: by anticipating transformations and new learning methods, with an experiential and digital dimension at the heart of this project
  • Reinventing the international experience: our global network of 300 outstanding universities contributes to enhancing the student exchange experience, which is always more meaningful when spent in “immersion” abroad.

Applying 360° expertise: by developing the synergies of its various activities (programmes, research, Executive Education and business) through the setting up of five centres of expertise aimed at maintaining close contact with the issues of business transformation:

  • “Fintech & Cryptofinance” centre,
  • “Mobility” Centre,
  • “Entrepreneurship” centre,
  • “Europe-Asia” centre,
  • “Audit & Consulting” centre.

NEOMA Business School conducts this approach with a constant respect for the aspirations and well-being of each individual, with the aim of building a school that reshapes everyday life!