ASM Institute of Business Management and Research

ASM Institute of Business Management and Research

Application fee: 1000.00 INR
Location: On-campus

ASM Certificate for Business Excellence Integrated with Harvard Business School Online Certification

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ASM Certificate for Business Excellence

The ASM ExEd centre aims to upgrade corporate skill sets with the outset of multi-disciplinary courses which are exclusively curated for professionals. After the commpletion of each course, your proficiency in the desired
domain will be authenticated by ASM's certificate for Business Excellence.This will further be integrated with distinctive certifications from Harvard Business school online or IIM Bangalore-Digital Learning Platform (IIMBx)
based on the course chosen.

Why Apply?
Acquring multi-faceted competencies is constantly required by enterprenuers and professionals to deal with the complex people and complex situations.These courses are uniquely curated for professionsals to upgrade their capabilities in various fields and to leapfrog their competitors.Each course is taught in-person by ASM's expert academicians who are industry-experienced and at par with your pragamatic work-related issues.With stipulated contact hours
every saturday,they guide you with relevant practical knowledge.Additionlly,you have an excellent knowledge support from a wide range of existing international community and ace faculties,available online.This platform also
connects you with a network of flowing discussions and a global exposure.These inter-blended courses allow you to continue your employment while gaining the right knowledge for tackling the professional hurdles in your career

ASM Certificate for Business Excellence Integrated with Harvard Business School Online Certification

Active | Case Based | Social

ASM IBMR is the first B school in India to collaborate with the prestigious Harvard Business School Online (HBS Online).


  • Classroom lectures delivered by ASM's finest faculty
  • Interactive classroom sessions on three Saturdays (Contact or Recorded)
  • Real-world applications thorough case studies.
  • Application of concepts to the Indian market.
  • Round-the-clock availability of ASM faculty over E-mail.
  • Help in comprehension of concepts studied during the week.
  • Weekly assignments.


HBS Online :

  • Maximum "5 minute" videos followed by curated activities.  
  • Content and knowledge support by Harvard's finest faculty.
  • Global cohort to enhance cross functional industry interactions.
  • Interactive lessons for intellectual stimulation.    
  • Peer learning with global cohort.