End to End Solutions

mUni campus offers you end to end business and technology solutions

1. Developing the Business Model for online education

2. Market Research

3. Developing Products for various geographies currently India, China, Africa and Middle East

Content Development and resourcing for

1. Universities, Colleges and Education providers – understanding the need of the various education providers and then developing contents suited for efficient & effective learning.

2. Corporate Training and L&D- understanding the specific training requirement of the corporate based on end objective and target audience and then developing contents suited for efficient & effective learning.

3. mUniversity platform for sale and delivery of the programs

Technology Platform for Delivery of Courses

1. State of art technology that allows creating a virtual classroom where the teacher can switch between various tools like white board, power point, word document and excel sheet. It does not restrict the teacher’s natural movement and actions unlike most of the online learning programs where the teacher is required to deliver the lecture from a chair.

2. At a time more than one student can interact with faculty over live video during the live class delivery.

3. Complete Learning Management system for managing the entire course material including ppts, notes, ebooks, online test, online assignment submission etc

4. mUniversityis a complete learning platform. Our solution goes hand in hand with the existing class room setup.

5. No prior knowledge of any specific technology is required by the teacher or the students to carry on their business as usual.

End to End Technology Solutions Including

1. Student Admission/ Recruitment: online application, email and sms solutions

2. Learning Management System LMS

3. Virtual class room for distance education

4. Employer Management

5. Alumni relation management

6. On campus smart technology solution integration & deployment for content creation and live sessions capturing.

7. Customized platform development