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Start date: May 15, 2020
End date: May 15, 2020
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Challenges in Conducting Online Examinations

Topic: Challenges in Conducting Online Examinations in India

Every university is gearing up for conduction of the final examinations by July 2020 as per the guidelines of UGC. As you started contemplating on the conduction of online examination you must be coming up with various real challenges, uncertainties and many unanswered questions in your mind like:

     - How to conduct subjective examination online?

     - University examinations are generally subjective and most of the examination technologies are geared for MCQ based tests.

     - What model of examinations should we adopt pure online or hybrid?

     - Laptop or Mobile?

     - How do we decide which features are critical for our test?

     - How do we build a robust process?

     - What can work for my university?

     - What if the internet fails?

     - How to maintain the sanctity and authenticity of examinations online?

     - How to do a pilot before the examinations?

     - Is there any other institute that has done a descriptive examination successfully?

     - Is it secure?

     - Will it work on a large number of students?

     - How do we manage the examinations?

     - How do we create multiple sets of question papers?

     - How do we conduct viva?

     - How do we evaluate the answer sheet of subjective examinations?

     - How to publish examination results?

     - Can someone advise us based on a ground-level real experience?

     - We do not have any experience can some agency help us in conduction of online examinations.

And many more such unforeseen challenges, some are of real importance and some are imaginary; some are solvable and some are not practical to solve.

We at mUni Campus has helped India's leading academic institute (among the top ten) in navigating most of the challenges and started conducting the final examination comprising of MCQ and Subjective/ Descriptive. Our team of experts having several years of experience in education technologies, higher education, and online testing are here to help you. We are a pioneer in online testing started India's first online testing way back in 2006. We conducted testing for Hexaware, Capgemini, TCS, CSC for thousands of students.