Telecom OSS/BSS

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Operational Support Systems(OSS)

Software (occasionally hardware) applications that support back-office activities which operate a telco’s network, provision and maintain customer services.

OSS is traditionally used by network planners, service designers, operations, architects, support, and engineering teams in the service provider. Increasingly product managers and senior staff under the CTO or COO may also use or rely on OSS to some extent.

Business Support Systems(BSS)

Software applications that support customer-facing activities. Billing, order management, customer relationship management, call centre automation, are all BSS applications.

BSS may also encompass the customer-facing veneer of OSS application such as trouble-ticketing and service assurance – these are back-office activities but initiated directly by contact with the customer.

This basic relationship between OSS and BSS, where OSS is passed service orders and supplies service assurance information to the BSS layer is often referred to as ‘Orders Down, Faults Up’.