Managerial Economics

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Location: Online
Type: Certificate course
Coordinator: Raashmika Das
Language: English
Duration: 4 Weeks
Course fee: 54.37 USD
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This course is an amalgamation of macroeconomics and managerial (or applied microeconomics). Macro Economics deals with the principles of economics that involve the measurement of and interrelationships between aggregate economic variables, and policies that help ensuring sound health of economy. In the context of globalization and greater role being assigned to the private enterprise in the erstwhile regulated economies, it is becoming a real challenge for evolving and fine-tuning macroeconomic policies in line with the rapid changes occurring from time to time both in the national and global economy.

The first part of the present course has been designed to help students to familiarize with major macroeconomic variables that determine the macroeconomic state and influence pace of growth of an economy. The course also aims at exposing the management students to influences of such policies on the economic environment in which business organizations need to operate, so that they could make timely and appropriate policy decisions. 

Business and economic environment of a country remains dynamic and more so in the present era of globalization. Latter part of this course is concerned primarily with basic microeconomic principles and concepts, and analyzing of the economic and business environment for arriving at suitable managerial decisions that can be implemented by commercial firms for desired business outcomes.