Security Privacy and Regulation

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Certification Body: Aegis School of Data Science & Cyber Security
Location: On-campus (India, Bengaluru)
Type: Certificate course
Coordinator: Mr. Ritin Joshi
Language: English
Course fee: 30000 INR
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Security Privacy & Regulation :-

Cyber law is a generic term, which refers to all the legal and regulatory aspects of Internet and the World Wide Web. Anything concerned with or related to or emanating from any legal aspects or issues concerning any activity of netizens and others, in Cyberspace comes within the ambit of Cyber law.

Cyber Law is a term that encapsulates the legal issues related to use of the Internet. It is less a distinct field of law than intellectual property or contract law, as it is a domain covering many areas of law and regulation. Some leading topics include internet access and usage, privacy, freedom of expression, and jurisdiction. "Computer law" is a third term which tends to relate to issues including both Internet law and the patent and copyright aspects of computer technology and software.

Cyber Law is important because it touches almost all aspects of transactions and activities concerning the Internet, the World Wide Web and Cyberspace.

Cyber Law concerns everyone. Cyber Law is a constantly evolving process. As the nature and scope of Internet is changing and this new medium is being seen as the ultimate medium ever evolved in human history, every activity of yours in cyberspace can and will have a cyber legal perspective.

Course Curriculum


Introduction to the Cyber World and Cyber Law
Cyber Law in India
Information Technology Act, 2000
i. Digital Signature;
ii. E-Governance;
iii. Regulation of Certifying Authorities;
iv. Duties of Subscribers;
v. Penalties and Adjudications;
vi. Offences under the Act;
vii. Making of Rules and Regulations etc.

Cyber Crimes
Introduction – computer crime and cyber crimes;
Classification of cyber criems.
Cyber crime and Related Concepts
Distinction between cyber crime and conventional crimes
Reasons for commission of cyber crime
Cyber forensic
Cyber criminals and their objectives
Kinds of cyber crimes – cyber stalking;
cyber pornography; forgery and fraud;
crime related to IPRs;
Cyber terrorism; computer vandalism etc.
Regulation of cyber crimes
Issues relating to Investigation
Issues relating to Jurisdiction
Issues relating to Evidence
Relevant provisions under Information Technology Act, 2000,
Indian Penal Code, Pornography Actand Evidence Act etc.

Laws of Ecommerce / Online business
Definition of E-commerce
Types of E-commerce
Important Issues in Global Ecommerce
Issues relating to infrastructure;
contents; universal access;
Trust, Privacy Security Consumer Protection Content Regulation;
Uniformity in Legal Standards pertaining to internet.

Privacy Laws
EU GDPR Regulations
Indian Privacy Bill, Regulations

IPR Issues :-
IPR – An Overview Copyright Issues in Cyberspace
i. Linking
ii. Inlining
iii. Framing
iv. Protection of content on website
v. International Treaties

Trademark Issues in cyberspace
i. Domain Name Dispute
ii. Cybersquatting
iii. Uniform Dispute ResolutionPolicy
iv. Meta-tags and Key wordsComputer Software and Related IPR Issues