Cyber Security Incident Response

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Certification Body: Aegis School of Data Science & Cyber Security
Location: On-campus (India, Bengaluru)
Type: Certificate course
Coordinator: Mr. Ritin Joshi
Language: English
Course fee: 24000 INR
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“The biggest problem in incident response is understanding how the business is using its servers, its data, and who has access.” - At SecureWorld Chicago

An incident response process is a business process that enables organizations to remain in business, during or after an security incident. Incident response process is a gathering of procedures designed at identifying, investigating and responding to budding security incidents in a way that reduces impact and supports quick recovery from the security incident.

Even though the terms incident response process and incident response procedures are often used interchangeably, we’ve used them in specific ways throughout this guide. An incident response process is the entire lifecycle (and feedback loop) of an incident investigation, while incident response procedures are the specific tactics you and your team will be involved in during an incident response process.