Big Data Engineer by IBM

Application fee : 13.68 USD


Location: On-campus (India, Mumbai)
Type: Certificate course
Language: English
Course fee: 410.52 USD
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Course Details

The Big Data Engineer career path prepares students to use the Big Data platform and methodologies in order to collect and analyze large amounts of data from different sources. This will require skills in Big Data architecture, such as Apache Hadoop, Ambari, Spark, Big SQL, HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, ZooKeeper, Knox, Sqoop, and HBase.

Learning Modules

Module I - Big Data Overview

- Data Overview, Industry Applications, Case Studies
- Understanding Big Data

Module II - Big Data Engineer

- HortonWorks Data Platform
- Big Data architecture
- Storing and processing data with Hadoop
- Creating data using HDFS
- Data distribution and storage with MapReduce
- Access Hbase/Hadoop data with Hive
- ZooKeeper, Slider, Knox
- Loading data with Sqoop
- Big SQL
- IBM Watson Studio
- IBM Open Badges

Associated Job Roles :-
- Business Intelligence Analyst
- Artificial Intelligence Analyst