Whistling Woods International

Whistling Woods International

Start date: Feb 13, 2014
Course fee: 340.3 USD

Certificate Programme - Fashion Photography

Start date : Feb 13, 2014


Location: Online
Type: Certificate course
Director: Tanvi Madkaiker
Language: English
Duration: 2 months
Course fee: 340.3 USD
Enrollment method: Application
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Course Details

Overview: The fashion photography course offers an elementary training in fashion photography. The course provides a multi focused approach with considers the photographer as an artist as well as a technician and teaches him the basics of photography. It further provides an understanding of the fine nuances while taking photos for use in the advertising, commercial genres as well as editorials for fashion.

Learning objectives:

  • To learn the visual grammer of visual story telling.
  • To learn the skill set of creating visually fascinating fashion pictures.
  • To learn the operational skills of a camera.

Course Content:

  • History of photography
  • Study of fashion photographers and their works
  • Lenses types and functions.
  • Shutter types and the impact of selected shutter speed.
  • Aperture and depth of field relation.
  • Pre and post production of a fashion shoot.
  • Practical shoot set up- Indoors and outdoors.
  • Thematic analysis and semiotics.
  • Creating a portfolio.