Whistling Woods International

Whistling Woods International

Start date: Jan 29, 2014
Course fee: 13483 INR

Orientation in Styling & Grooming

Start date : Jan 29, 2014


Location: On-campus (India, )
Type: Certificate course
Director: Shalini Mehta
Language: English
Course fee: 13483 INR
Enrollment method: Application
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Course Details

Overview: 'Styling & grooming' is an orientation course that offers an understanding of fashion styling in the context of films and various other media as well as for developing individual style. It also offers insight into aspects of individual grooming in association with styling for a well-rounded professional, personal and social lifestyle.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the meaning of fashion styling and how it is different from fashion designing.
  • Getting to know different types of styling and the elements involved.
  • Studying period as well as contemporary films/TV shows in the context of styling.
  • Identifying fashion trends and understanding how people interpret and incorporate ramp fashion into real life.
  • Understanding body and face classification and corrective anatomy through selective clothing.
  • Dressing up for different occasions like job interview, business lunch, cocktail evening, etc.
  • Learning basic hair & make-up techniques.
  • Learning the importance of body language, communication skills, table etiquettes, email & mobile etiquettes and conversation Dos & DONTs for the purpose of grooming.

Course Content
Introduction to the diverse fields of fashion styling (films, print media, personal styling, etc.) and the elements involved as well as understanding translation of ramp fashion into real life for developing an individual style. The course also talks about the importance of personal grooming for a better lifestyle. Feature films and TV shows will be screened for a better understanding.